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3 Most Powerful Things To Do In The First 60secs On Instagram Live

April 3, 2022

Live streaming video offers seemingly endless possibilities for connecting with your audience.

According to Facebook, users are 3 times as likely to watch a live video as compared to a non-live video.

The first step to using Live video marketing to grow your business is to GET STARTED…


  • A Smart phone and Internet connection.

I love to keep it simple as so many people complicate the process and never get started on their journey.

For more professionalism, I also strongly advise a tripod stand to make sure your hands are free as watching a shaky video might be distracting for many. For proper lighting, a ring light is a great add on and allows your viewers get a good experience.

When I started my journey on October 2015, I started with my phone and internet connection and when I didn’t know where to find a phone tripod in the early days, I used makeshift stands from stacks of books leaned against a wall to a home use ladder opened up in the middle of my living room and my phone placed on the base at the top.

It would be at least a year later before I got an actual stand but that didn’t prevent me from trending on the Periscope app on April 2016, making me the first African woman to achieve this feat.

Your mission is to ensure that your videos stand out and become your competitive advantage and give you the push you need to become the thought leader in your space.

Let’s look at 6 benefits of leveraging Live Videos before I share what you need to do in the first 60secs on Instagram Live.

  • Capture interest
  • Become top of mind
  • Be seen as an expert and authority in your niche/industry.
  • Reach a wider audience…Not just local but GLOBAL!
  • Attract MEDIA attention for FREE.
  • Get booked to SPEAK on STAGES around the world!

NOW,are you ready to go LIVE?

The first 60secs are crucial as no one has any time to waste.

Do not start your broadcast on the wrong foot by choosing to wait for others to come in which is a common phrase.

It’s unfair to those who showed up early and those catching the replay will zone out quickly if in your first 5mins you did nothing but wait for others.

I know it takes a moment to get Live viewers so you may be wondering…what do I do?

In the first 60secs of your Instagram Live session ( this can also be applied to other Live Streaming Platforms)

  • Smile.

The moment you hit that ‘Go Live’ button start smiling. We want to see a pleasant face. You can some soft music at the background or go all out and show up in a dance. It sets the tone for a fun experience with you.

  • Welcome your Viewers

But before you start with those joining you Live…welcome the replay viewers.

Do you know how amazing it is to watch a replay and the first thing your audience hears is your warm welcome.

It’s in the tiny details.

One of the greatest needs of humans is to be seen and heard… when you welcome your viewers, it touches a special place in their heart.

If you see people at this point, feel free to begin to call a few names and I would often ask- ‘”where are you joining me from.”

Don’t dwell too long calling out every name as that can be distracting for those who just want to hear you teach.

Balance is key!

  • Introduce yourself and your topic

Even if it’s a random session, don’t assume everyone knows who you are or got the memo for the topic. Use this time to wisely.

It will seem you are speaking to yourself but please do take this seriously. Feel free to share what the highlights are for your session and if you have a big announcement at the end…be sure to let your audience know to stick around till the end.

More than ever…NOW is the time to embrace this powerful tool and staying consistent will surely grow your business in 2022 and beyond.

Remember to smile, welcome your viewers, and do your introduction.

As always, it will be my greatest pleasure to know your thoughts around this topic in the comments!

Plus, if you’re ready to ​overcome the fear of Live Streaming and become a Rockstar… Type Rockstar in the comments right now.

I’d love to help. GO! SPARKLE YOUR WORLD.

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