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3 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Chance of Getting Booked On Virtual Stages

April 4, 2022

Being a speaker is the quickest and best way to get noticed in my opinion. It’s a path that I have tested and proven not just in my life but also that of my clients.

Most people assume Public Speaking is reserved for the experts only but permit me to shatter this bubble quickly so you can step up and be seen and heard.

I often say- it doesn’t matter what you can do or what you can create…if you are not seen and heard, it’s as good as you not existing in the first place.

Our Words have the power to inform, persuade, educate, and even entertain those who listen to us.

Benefits to Public Speaking include:

  • Improves confidence
  • You are seen as an Authority in your subject matter
  • Boosts credibility
  • Career Advancement
  • Expand your Professional Network
  • You become better at research skills
  • You become a better negotiator

In this post pandemic era, we are having a lot more Virtual opportunities to speak and share our expertise with others…meaning you now have the power to speak to the World from the comfort of your location.


Basically, it’s a presentation that’s given live before an audience or in some cases pre-recorded.

Anyone can learn to speak effectively. You don’t have to look like a star, and you don’t have to use fancy words to be a successful speaker.

What is important is that the audience understands you and remembers what you have to say and you deliver value as you solve problems.




It will amaze you to discover all the opportunities around you to boost your getting booked on stages. Let’s get into my top 3 surprising ways…

  • Who do you know?

I want you to do a simple exercise quickly…

Write out at least 20 names of people you know in diverse industries that your offerings might be of help to their audience. Do not procrastinate. Do it now!

As you do this exercise, commit to sending a quick note simply asking for an opportunity to speak to their audience as you have something that will be of value to them. Don’t be quick to put money first and miss building a deeper relationship especially when you are just starting out.

I have had friends open free speaking doors for me that led to big paying opportunities. Be grateful and be intentional about giving value when those doors open.

Hint: Take note of those who had no idea that you had what they had been searching for.

  • Set up your Online Presence.

I intentionally didn’t make this my first point for the singular reason that many feel just because they are active on social media channels then they are being seen.

It forces them to not see that they actually have the STAGE already, but they never realized how powerful it is.

If you have an Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube account and the list goes on…You already have a STAGE!

It’s great to desire the platforms of others but what are you doing with what you have in your hands?

I often share how over 95% of all my Speaking Gigs across the Globe came through someone watching me either on Periscope Live, Facebook Live or Instagram Live.

My first TEDx gig was through someone who was watching my daily show. Yes, you better believe I had a daily show.

I had an understanding early enough that what I had was enough and if I showed up and delivered value, the world would come.

I remember getting the invitation on Facebook Messenger and when I asked, how did you find me? He simply replied- ‘my sister watches your show and she recommended you as one of our speakers.”

It was October 2016 barely one year after I started Live streaming and that door opened up bigger stages for me.

Decide today to be more intentional about your Online Presence- you never know who is watching.

  • Try Google

I know this seems obvious but let me ask…when was the last time you actively searched on Google for speaking opportunities.

I know you use it to search out things about your business and catch up with the latest happenings, but have you had a consistent plan in place to search out events happening in your area, industry, local place of worship etc.

With sites like Eventbrite …you have so many options right at your fingertips.

Search out Keywords relevant to your industry and do not be afraid to apply when you find one.

In conclusion…as a speaker, think about your presentation as a gift to the audience; a nicely wrapped package full of valuable information, helpful ideas, and meaningful content,”

 “The mental attitude of giving empowers you and frees you.

When you focus on giving, it takes your mind off of yourself and puts the focus on helping others.

“My best piece of advice for getting more speaking gigs is to be amazing as you get invited by your contacts, leverage your own platform, or find a gig using Google search.

Make it worth your audience’s time, and you’ll quickly begin getting referrals and repeat engagements even before you get off the stage.

I am so passionate about helping you go from the Backstage to the CentreStage… Is this something you struggle with?

Want to know more about how I can help you get booked on stages?

Let me know in the comments…Help is HERE!


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