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4 Smart Ways to promote Your Business using Social Media Marketing

April 21, 2022

If you are not being seen or heard as a business owner in today’s digital world…it’s as good as you not existing in the first place.

The primary purpose of social media used to be maintaining contact with family and friends. But it has quickly grown to include Entrepreneurs birthing businesses and even people who never imagined they would be Brand Influencers leveraging the power of social media to build Global Brands.

Gone are the days when business operated with traditional methods of marketing. If you have not considered how powerful social media platforms are for promoting your business then please…continue reading.

Look around you and see the possibilities… Social media marketing can provide an economical and effective way to increase your revenue.

There are many ways to leverage the attention of your customers through social media.

➡ You could aim to find new customers.

➡ You could also handle customer concerns publicly to show how responsive your company can be to customer service issues.

➡ Announcing sales or special events through social media is also a great idea.

A wise man once said, failure to plan is planning to fail.

For one who started as a stay-at-home mum with zero experience on how to use social media to building not just one but 2 Global Brands from the Comfort of her home…Permit me to share 4 Smart Ways to promote your business using social media marketing that has worked for me and you can choose to implement what you like.

My goal is to support you on your journey, so you don’t have to waste any minute trying to figure things out… Let’s dive in!

  • Have a social media strategy.

➡ Consider how social media can be integrated into your current marketing strategy.

 Effective marketing requires a plan and commitment to see real results.

➡ Avoid just signing up for a Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter account etc. and posting or tweeting without a plan in place.

How often do you want to post?

Who is your ideal client?

What is their Pain Point?

How is your product/service a solution for them?

How can you offer value leveraging social media platforms?

It is important that you answer the questions above to enable you serve with purpose and not from a place of overwhelm.

  • Market to your customers.

The whole essence of marketing is to actually do this one thing- Market to your customers.

It’s your responsibility to track down where your customers congregate online and market to them. Anything else is likely to be a waste of time.

There are many communities within the various social media sites… Find out exactly which ones your customers prefer.

If your products/service is more for the corporate clients, a platform like LinkedIn should be a top location as that’s where to find them. It doesn’t take you away from other platforms but it’s crucial to know that you are more likely to find them in large numbers on the LinkedIn Platform.

Be consistent and timely.

➡ Respond to any inquiries that result from your social media marketing and spend time online each day.

I would advise not just scrolling through the feed but actually being intentional about activities that will drive up the bottom line for your business.

What are the top 5 things you can do daily to either boost your credibility, position you as a thought leader, solve problems and even allow your audience to connect to you as a Human? How can you also build trust and get your audience to interact with you and others?

There are smart ways to build consistently without wasting all the time scrolling and asking …” God when will this happen for me”?

Also avoid letting several days go by without being involved or seen online. You don’t always have to post on your feed as you can leverage other short form videos like reels and even the stories to connect with your audience. If you need to get an assistant, there are tons of Virtual assistants doing great work out there who can support your business growth. Feel free to check platforms like Fiverr.com too.

  Stop trying to do it all by yourself…it’s okay to ask for Help!

  • Be as human as possible.

➡ With social media, it’s generally better to have a picture of your face, rather than just the company logo.

➡ People are far more likely to connect with a person than a faceless company.

Try to be personal and authentic.

In my opinion…Fake it till you make it has not served so many well in the long run. It can get really overwhelming trying to keep up with an act.

Do not ignore the days of little beginnings… be willing to take your audience on the journey with you.

They don’t want a perfect you…they want YOU and all your awesomeness.

Give yourself some Grace and don’t feel the need to be who you are not just because you see others doing big things.

Your time will come…don’t give up!

As a bonus…this 5th strategy has helped me greatly.

Track your results

➡ If Twitter isn’t working, drop it. But you’ll never know whether or not a specific social medium is working unless you track your results.

Keep a tab on the strategies that are working too. Check your insights often to know the content that had the most saved, most likes and more. It gives you an inside scoop on what your audience wants more of. All you simply need to do is give them, more!

In Conclusion…

Any business being it small or big, can effectively use social media platforms for promoting their brand. It is more beneficial for small businesses with less money as it just requires a fraction of the cost to invest in marketing. If the biggest brands out there still feel the need to leverage the platforms, then I believe today is a good day to start or raise the bar.

If you are ready to promote your business using social media Marketing, I have one more Smart way and I really would love to help you be seen and heard…

Check out my 5 Simple Marketing secrets to create sales with Live Videos …HERE!


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