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Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

April 22, 2022

Obstacles. Hurdles. Barriers. Roadblocks. These are all common sights along the road to achievement that could make you your own worse enemy.

As a matter of fact, most people throw in the towel after they encounter challenges on their path, and they never get to see their goals achieved.

If you have ever worked towards a goal that most people would label as “unrealistic”, then you have undoubtedly faced one challenge after another. In fact, when you reach the point where you feel like giving up, that is usually when things get even tougher.

I remember when I started Live Streaming in 2015, I was an early adopter, and most people just didn’t get it.

I had to be my own cheerleader cos I believed my dreams were valid.

Believe it or not, the external obstacles are actually the easy part. They are obvious. They can be examined & you can devise a plan to work through them or around them.

For example, if you want to start a business but lack the funding, there are a variety of tangible action steps you can take to resolve your funding issues.

The real barriers to success are the internal roadblocks. This is where it gets difficult. This is where you battle your own self doubts, worries and feelings of unworthiness.

Joyce Meyer calls it ‘the battlefield of the mind’.

You may have the best work ethic in the world. You may have the strictest discipline and self control. But if your mind is listing all of the reasons why you shouldn’t have what you truly want, you are fighting a losing battle.

For many of us, these negative tapes have been playing the same disempowering messages in our minds for years.

I have many people who have great ideas and wish they were seen and heard but many have never hit the ‘Go Live’ button.

Why? For one reason or another they don’t believe in themselves. They don’t think they are ready. They choose to sit on the sidelines watching other people showcase their successful work while they maintain the status quo.

They are waiting for some defining moment to give themselves permission to finally ‘SHOW UP’.

The problem is …this moment will never come as long as they remain blind to their capabilities.

The only way to cross the invisible line from feeling unworthy to feeling powerful and capable is to change the internal dialog. Instead of repeating patterns of thought telling you why you can’t do something, you flip the switch. You spend time every day reprogramming those internal tapes. When an old disempowering message begins to play, you train yourself to switch it to a positive.

Slowly but surely you forge a new path. A new way of thinking. A new internal dialog. Instead of being your own worst enemy, you become your own cheerleader. It is in that moment that everything in your life changes.

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