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Faith and Encouragement

Positive Affirmations For Faith, Hope And Courage

April 8, 2022

Your words have POWER!

Death and Life are in the Power in the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs 18:21

Speaking life nourishes you and keeps you grounded in sanity even when everything else is in chaos.

Today, I want you to declare some of my favorite scriptures with me.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Psalm 127:3

I see that my children are God’s best gift.

The fruit of the womb his generous legacy.

2 Sam 5:9

I become greater and greater for the lord is with me.

Psalm 138:8

The lord will perfect that which concerns me, your mercy, o lord, endures forever.

Psalm 89:21

God’s hands establish me, helps me, and his arms strengthen me, gives me power.

Isa 60:1

I will arise and shine for my light has come and the glory of the lord rises upon me.

Isa 60:3

All Nations come to my light; mighty kings will come to my radiance.

Matt 5:13-14

I am the salt of the earth. I am the light of the world. A city set on a hill that cannot be hidden.

Isaiah 55:5

Surely, I will summon nations I do not know and people unknown to me will come running to obey, because the lord my God, the holy one of Isreal has made me glorious.

Isaiah 55:11

I am the word; I always produce FRUIT.

I’ll accomplish all that God his purposed for

me and I will prosper everywhere I go.

I will not fail. I will have results.

Ezra 18:1

The Lord is moving the hearts of kings. He is

stirring it up for the fulfillment of his word and

prophecy over my life.

Isaiah 58:8

My light breaks forth like the dawn and my

healing will come quickly.

Righteousness will go before me, and the glory of the Lord will be my rear guard.

Joel 2:25

God will make up for the losses, recompense me, restore to me, repay me, compensate me for the years that the locust, cankerworm, Caterpillar, and the palmer worm had eaten.

Joel 2:26

I will have plenty to eat until | I am satisfied

I shall eat in plenty and be satisfied and

will praise the name of the Lord my God, who

has dealt wondrously with me and I will

never be put to shame for ever.  I will never be despised again.

Eph 2:10

I am God’s handiwork, his poetry and a recreated woman and I will fulfill the destiny he has given me for I am joined to Jesus, the anointed one.

I do the good work that God planned in advance, and I will fulfill my destiny.

Matt 13:16

But my eyes are privileged for they see.

Delighted are my ears for they are open to hear all these things.

Psalm 18:32

God, you have wrapped me in power

and made my way perfect.

John 15:5

God is my source forever and fruitfulness

streams from within me.

Duet 31:6

I declare that the Lord goes with my children, and he will never leave them or forsake them. They will not be afraid or terrified.

That’s it for today and I definitely want to know the one that hit your heart deeply. Feel free to drop a comment and share your favorite scriptures with me too.

You can watch me declare it HERE


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